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Relocating and/or Working Overseas is a Full  Immersion in a Totally Different  Way of Living and Communicating!!!

People experience changes in different ways but sometimes the psychological disorientation, following an international move, can be overwhelming. As a matter of fact managing the transition  is complex and time consuming.

In other words, relocation will present positive and negative aspects for people to manage, understand and overcome. 

At the beginning it may appear as a loss of  habits, customs, language, approach, business etiquette…Then, resistance to the change and transition  follows…and this resistance is incompatible with the level of performance necessary to maintain productive work and “harmony” to the new work place or living site.

Effectively managing the transition of employees and individuals during any relocation, will enhance engagement and provide successful results.

Comprehensive, cost effective guidance and assistance to businesses and individuals throughout the many changes/requirements related to an overseas move is actually a safe investment!

As a matter of fact, by securing “professional” relocation services, corporations and businesses can help themselves and their employees, experience a smooth, incident-free transition to ITALY or anywhere else abroad.

We offer professional international relocation services both as a “full package” or individual services as required. Our  “package” is flexible as it is focused on the client.




Overseas assignments can often be traumatic for employees and their families!

Personal support is vital to individuals and families especially during the arrival period.

Differences overlooked or unknown are likely to lead to misunderstandings and possibly stressful situations!

Immediate involvement with the work environment helps to enhance job effectiveness and employees’ potential overseas.

Appropriate cultural training will save valuable corporate resources and staff time.