LilianaGagliardi_LG_IMG_8460Liliana Gagliardi
is a Senior Intercultural Trainer with LG Interculture. She has been working in the field for many years in different countries prior to founding her own business and moving back to Italy from the USA.   As a hands-on manager, Liliana has a varied background in languages and extensive experience in the cross-cultural field and tourism, with over 20 years in corporate training/support and public relations. Her geographical areas of concentration are the European Union and North America.

Liliana Gagliardi graduated in Foreign Languages and Literatures from IULM, Istituto Universitario di Lingue Moderne, in Milan and served twice on the Board of Directors of SIETAR EUROPA (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research).

She has experienced many foreign cultures as she has studied, lived, taught, worked in and travelled to different countries. She has lived and worked extensively in the U.S.A. where she has taught  at numerous universities, including Catholic University, Johns Hopkins University: School of Advanced International Studies, and Georgetown in Washington, DC.

Liliana is also an interpreter and taught “interpretation techniques” at the Advanced School of Interpreters and Translators in Italy. She has assisted the news media as a researcher and cultural expert (Italy), editing and translating articles and documentaries for National Geographic and other major international magazines.

LilianaGagliardi_LG_IMG_8475She has been running and runs language business courses for expatriates and business firms (Business English/Business Italian) in Italy and abroad.

Liliana  is enterprising and clever in creating language/course material. She is the author of different publications among which a pocket bilingual dictionary (Italian-English English-Italian), included in the collection of the Library of Congress of Washington DC, (USA) while she designed and produced a series of language and culture video tapes about Italy for the Bureau of Naval Personnel in the USA.

To contact Liliana:
                                   mobile: +39 3386426040