“Learning a language is learning a culture and viceversa… language and culture cannot be separated, both provide essential input to the communication process in relating to any person in our globalized world”.                                                             

Liliana Gagliardi
  Owner, LG Interculture >>


  • Personalized language courses: Individuals/Groups/Crash Courses
  • Business Italian and Business English for Managers and Corporations
  • On line Courses


Our language training helps people to discover  and utilize  the “gaming”  tricks  of the communication  process:  these  MUST be pleasant, comfortable and challenging… to foster quick learning.


All our teachers have a solid academic background and place high importance on integrating language, intercultural aspects and the client’s  area of expertise.


All our training is interactive and job-related.

All courses focus primarily on the learner – no two courses are the same.