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You Should Never Dismiss Culture and Cultural Differences.
Cultural know-how and skills are indeed critical in business today.







Diversified Training

Country Specific training
course that looks specifically at working in or with a target country or culture

Relocation Training
for business professionals and families moving abroad for work


On-going globalization is maximizing the opportunities of working in a complex and ever-changing international environment.

Dealing with foreign cultures is becoming more and more common for everybody  and experiencing misunderstandings and lack of communication is an acknowledged fact!

In every interaction with others the communication process is always at stake but it becomes a real issue when we face a different culture where language is not always the problem  or the only one. Other factors,  such as the approach, the cultural values and their subtle meanings, the tone of voice and  body language with different perceptions and expectations, may play a relevant role.

Intercultural competence is consequently a required skill of anyone wishing to work internationally as a lack of cultural sensitivity/understanding  can lead to a missed opportunity, a failed assignment, poor client relationships, staff attrition, critical negotiations and for sure  wasted time and investment.

Cross-cultural Training Can Help You to Balance/Reduce the Risks of Working Internationally.

We provide support to individuals and teams as well as  organizations. We design personalized cross cultural solutions/programs to assist in achieving the international business objectives on target. We help our clients to interact/communicate globally with their international counterparts, customers, suppliers, visitors.

Developing International Competence is the driving force of our training!

All cultures  have a well founded hidden dimension that may be disturbing and baffling if overlooked or ignored!

This may be the case of Italy for example, where the inner dimension is often taken for granted blended and covered by the country’s apparent friendliness and openness. It may be wise in fact, to get a better understanding of the potential business challenges and solutions involved in establishing or doing business in Italy before doing so!

Popular Cross-Cultural Training Courses


Working Effectively across Cultures
Cross- Cultural Awareness
Developing International Competence
Doing Business in Italy
Living and Working in Italy
Working Effectively with Italians
Doing Business in the USA
Living and Working in the USA