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About Us

“Experiencing/learning new cultures and languages is like opening a WINDOW on the world: some people open it to a 3D view in a continuous variation of landscapes and emotions, some others limit themselves to a porthole!”

Liliana Gagliardi
Owner LG Interculture 


Our mission is to enable individuals and businesses to effectively manage, understand and perform with differences and diversity in the international arena. We do this through a variety of insightful services, intercultural information, training and professional support to assist/ ease the way in developing and researching excellence, domestically or internationally, in business or when travelling to and from Italy.


LG Interculture is a dynamic business provider for languages, cross-cultural communication, training, international consulting and relocation services in Italy. Managed by Liliana Gagliardi, the LG Interculture team and network provide intercultural solutions and products for organizations and business travelers, as well as for individuals needing the cultural competencies to function in and experience Italy in its full diversity. We deliver our services to companies globally.


We provide organizations, business/leisure travelers, and expatriate families with practical  guidance/support and all cultural information necessary to succeed both personally and professionally when living and working abroad. LG Interculture services are tailored to the client for immediate effective communication and involvement in the new environment and in all job-related issues.
Outlines of group of businessmen working

LG Interculture provides:

  • Hassle-free access to key business and cultural information
  • Cost-effective solutions in identifying services and people ….to work with/for…
  • Client-specific services and the personalization of all activities client related
  • Accelerated services to cope with/skip/minimize the local bureaucracy
  • Language support at all levels and needs
  • Optimization of Human Resources
  • Reliable partners and collaborators nationwide and global trainer network

We can help you start any project with an intercultural flavor for a better outcome and overall management  of languages and cultural differences!