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Frequently Asked Questions

Relocating and /or Working Overseas is a Full Immersion in a Totally Different Way of Living and Communicating! It is not only the mere change in the  physical location of a business or an individual. When there is a family involved the challenges are even greater!! The moving process – long term or short term –  carries with it a remarkable range of different needs and emotions and requires a different approach in dealing with people,  the new setting, the new business culture, the new market as well as the new/different local daily life regulations and experiences.

Differences are likely to develop baffling and stressed behavior while client-specific services and effective professional support can facilitate the understanding, reinforce the interest and the motivation for moving, avoiding misunderstandings both at the business and personal level. In both cases what is at stake is SUCCESS!


When you ask for interpreting assistance it is wise to specify in detail what your needs are! In most cases the services can be client-specific for cost-effective solutions. There are different kinds of support we can provide,  ranging from:

Simultaneous Interpreting 

The Interpreter simultaneously conveys the speaker’s words in the target language from a booth. This service requires  the use of special equipment (booths, headphones and microphones)which makes the service more expensive. However, it is convenient and time saving as all listeners can understand/respond, if this is the case, in real time… 

Consecutive Interpreting 

The speaker stops the speech at frequent intervals to allow the interpreter to convey the original message in the target language based on the notes that she/he has taken. No technical equipment is required and this service may be best for events with a few participants. It is, however, time consuming…

Whispering is Often Called by its French Name, “Chuchotage”

The interpreter conveys the speaker’s words by “whispering” standing/sitting next to him/her or in the case of site visits, walking with the delegate. No special equipment is required.

Whispering interpretation is often the technique of choice for: Business negotiations Site visits (workshops, factories, etc.) One-to-one or small group meetings

Interpreting and translating are two closely related linguistic disciplines..very often confused!

Translation is written. Interpreting is spoken. They’re very different skills: we offer both.

Interpreting occurs in real time. It happens in person, on the phone, or through a television/ video service/visit.  Translating involves the written word so  it takes place after a text is created, which gives the translator time to access resources (dictionaries, glossaries, subject matter experts, etc.) to produce an accurate and effective final document.

All our Services

We work with enthusiasm and transparency supporting our clients in their individual or corporate challenges with professionalism, understanding and flexibility.

Why Choose LG Interculture?

With over 20 years of experience, we recognize the importance of internationalization for company growth. Approximately 50% of our clients have an international presence. THIS IS WHAT WE DO BEST:

  • Communication: oral/written – development – training
  • Intercultural insight/vision: projects – relocation assignments/support
  • Languages: interpreting – translating – training – teaching – material development – website translation
  • Organization/Planning: events – conferences – travels – wedding
  • Mediation: negotiations – liaison – public relations
  • Creativity: marketing – business image

“We can take your ideas and projects, filter them through the culture, and turn them into an exciting local reality … and make them work!”

Liliana Gagliardi Owner LG Interculture >>